Ergonomic chairs have many advantages like enhanced padding and durability, but one of the essential features of an ergonomic chair is the adjustability. Some ergonomic chairs are designed for small framed users, large-framed users, and everything in between.

Most cheap chairs are built for one model, but with ergonomic chairs, you could have one chair that could behave like several different sizes, or you could have various versions of the same chair (Herman Miller does this with their Aeron lineup). If you’re here looking for an ergonomic chair for a small framed body, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Ergonomic chairs for Small Framed Individuals 

#1 Steelcase Leap

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

The Steelcase Leap is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs for a reason. It has a very smartly designed curved back design that feels amazing on your lower back. It’s also pioneered adjustable armrests.

With the Steelcase Leap, you can adjust the seat depth (this makes it so the seat won’t hit you too far in the knees), the seat height, adjust the lumbar support, adjust the arms, and you can even adjust the back tension (the force at which the chair supports you). If you have a small frame, you should easily be able to find the perfect adjustments with this chair.

Check out our Steelcase Leap Review to see our full thoughts on the chair!

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

#2 Steelcase Think

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

The Steelcase Think has many similar features from the Leap, but I think it’s a slightly better chair if you want something more minimalist looking. The Steelcase Think is a bit lighter and easier to move around, so if you’re a female or a lighter framed male, this could be a cool option.

Like the Leap, you can configure most anything about the chair and I really like the knobs and dials the chair has that let you intuitively adjust the chair.

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

#3 Herman Miller Embody

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

The Herman Miller Embody is one of the more expensive ergonomic chairs around, but it’s also one of the most advanced. With this chair, you can still adjust the seat depth, use a tile limiter, and adjust the arms–but the rest of the chair can be adjusted throughout the spine of the chair.

Herman Miller calls this back support “integrated sacral support”. If you’ve seen the back of this chair, it can give you some idea of how “smart” the chair is for adjusting perfectly depending on the user.

Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

Is it Better to be Short or Tall for Ergonomic Chairs?

To be honest, it’s much better to be shorter than tall–at least for ergonomic chairs and chairs in general. When you’re tall, you might find the back is too small, or the chair doesn’t go as high as you like, or maybe the lumbar support hits you too low.

As a tall user, most “basic” chairs are built for more medium sized people, so most of them don’t fit me. As a short or small framed user, you might not have this problem (but you can have other typical pain problems that come from having poorly made chairs).

Sure being small framed can have problems too, like having your feet too far from the floor, but generally, small framed people usually have a better time sitting in most situations (try to see me sitting in an airport plane and you’ll get the idea).