If you’re a sewer or a quilter, you might need lots of storage that you simply don’t have. Whether you need to store sewing machine parts, pins, quilts, fabrics, or just paperwork or books with your designs, you need good plentiful storage.

Most desks are simply a slab of wood on a foundation. However, I’ve found plenty of desks to recommend to you that have plenty of storage without a huge asking price. In this best desks for sewing or quilting guide, I’ll go over my top 2 recommendations for you.

What are the Best Desks for Sewing and Quilting?

If you’re interested in an affordable quilting/sewing chair, I’d also check out this great chair which is stylish and comfortable.

Artwork Craft Table with Storage

What are the Best Desks for Sewing and Quilting? This crafting table is perfect for storing sewing or quilting supplies. It comes with shelves, cabinets, and drawers. The front half of the desk has one drawer, two cabinets, and the sides of the desk even has small cutouts for papers. With the bottom portion, there are more cubbies, and when you open the cabinets, you’ll find racks for storing scissors or other supplies.

The desk is also very interchangeable depending on what type of setup you want. With a clean white coat of paint, and rustic black-finished metal, the table has a rustic cottage charm that is perfect for sewers and quilters alike.

What are the Best Desks for Sewing and Quilting?

South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table

What are the Best Desks for Sewing and Quilting? A bit more expensive than the previous option by $50, the South Shore crafting table crea collection gives you a bit more of a premium feel when it comes to the materials. But, it also has plenty of storage with multiple compartments, a sliding shelf, and a similar design. It’s designed by the same company with a slightly different compartment storage design that feels more “open” instead of enclosed.

What are the Best Desks for Sewing and Quilting?

Best Sewing Machines?

Do you need to pick up a good sewing machine to go with your sewing desk? I’ve been researching my own sewing machines for my mother, so I know a thing or two about them! Check out some of these recommendations for the best sewing machines to  go with your sewing desk.