Whether you work from home or the office, comfort is one of the main aspects you put into consideration each time you pull out your chair for a work session. The back support just one of the main areas to consider when it comes to comfort.

Besides the back support, you might consider various other aspects about your chair one of which is the comfort of the arms. While your arms will be mostly on the desk, you will need a few instances where you rest them off the desk.

Nothing will be more annoying than the lack of quality armrests as your arms will simply drop to your side the moment you take them off the desk. To remedy that, you will need a quality chair with arms. Not just arms, but arms you can adjust to the position you want with ease. We check out five of best desk chairs with arms.

Steelcase Leap

What are the Best Desk Chair with Arms?

The first thing you notice about the Steelcase Leap is its simplicity. However, don’t let that trick you into thinking it offers little. In fact, it tops this list owing to the number of features you get in that small frame.

The arms are the most comfortable you can find on any chair. You can adjust the arms in any position you desire. As a matter of fact, you can move the arms in as many directions as you can move your own arms. That’s up, down either side, back and forth and any mix of these directions you desire.

The Steelcase Leap will set you back a good sum of money (at least $900) but the comfort you get is worth every dollar you will spend on it.

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Steelcase Amia

What are the Best Desk Chair with Arms?

Another one from Steelcase is the Amia Office Chair. It combines a unique set of features at a price at least $200 less than the Leap. If one is looking for a premium desk chair that will ensure comfort both to their bodies and back account, Steelcase proudly presents the Amia.

As you would guess, the arms move in all directions to provide support to your arms no matter what position you choose to have while working or resting. You may be surprised to learn that the lean frame packs some very great features to both the arms and the rest of the chair.

The rest of the chair is also fitted with some of the most impressive features such as the adaptive back techology found in the Steelcase Leap. This feature ensures that you are always comfortable no matter how many times you may change positions on the seat.

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Ergohuman Chair

What are the Best Desk Chair with Arms?

One other chair for your desk and with great features is the Ergohuman chair. Its name combines ergonomics with humanity meaning that it employs various ergonomic features to provide the human body with the ultimate comfort level.

First on the list is the arms that have various levels of adjustment to suit the user no matter what they are doing when on the chair. The arms can be moved up and down, back and forth, and inwards and outwards. This is to provide the best resting position for your arms while working at your desk.

That level of comfort is not limited to the arms alone as you can also adjust the other parts of the chair. That includes the height, reclining angle and others. You can also change the position of the head and lower back supports. It goes for about $625 on Amazon which is quite affordable.

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HON Basyx

What are the Best Desk Chair with Arms?

Of the budget chairs that will offer the best value for money is the Basyx by HON. With its series of ergonomic chairs with a low price, HON has found favor among many people who need desk chairs with arms at a low price. With this one, you save your health and your money.

All the parts of the chair can be adjusted. That includes the arms, the back support, the height of the chair and other parts. It ought to be known that this is the first one on the list with a breathable mesh back support. That means you can spend hours on end without having a sweaty back.

For about $200 (most of the Basyx chairs are almost $100), you have a great chair with lower back support, adjustable arms and everything else you would need in a comfortable office chair.

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Alera Elusion Series Chair

What are the Best Desk Chair with Arms?

The Alera Elusion Series chairs are the cheapest you can find with all the features you need. You have a breathable mesh back support for comfortable hours at your desk. The chair also has lower back support that can be adjusted to the needed position.

At priced below $100, you would expect that most of the features the premium chairs have would lack in this one. That is far from the truth since the chair has a breathable mesh back support that add both beauty and comfort to the chair.

You can adjust the height of the chair, the position of the arms and the angle of reclining of the back. While some chairs miss it, the Alera Elusion Series chair has a strong swivel with five arms each with a pair of wheels at each end for ease of movement when using a large desk.

There isn’t much difference between the $95.50 and the $214 variants of the Alera Elusion Series chairs. If you want a little more premium build, go for premium one.

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Desk Chair Considerations

You can make a choice from these chairs given that they cover all the price segments of the buyer. According to the needs and amount of money you have, pick the best chair for you.

Among the considerations to make when it comes the desk chairs with arms include:

The Price

This is definitely a major point to consider when seeking a desk chair for your work. If you have some good money, out advice is simply going for the best on our list. You will not only have a premium chair that will last for years but one that will make a statement when in your workspace.

If you are into a business that is all about making impressions to your clientele, also go for the premium ones. However, if you have a limited budget, consider the cheaper variants. It does not in any way mean that you will be making a big compromise. You will enjoy most of the features you have in the premium chairs.

The other aspect to consider is the level of comfort you need. The first two chairs on the list have the capability to adjust to the movements of the body to provide the best comfort without the need to make manual adjustments.

You can pick other conditions that your chair must meet but your choice will rarely go beyond the ones on this list. Having a chair with arms adds a level of comfort you cannot find with an armless chair. In fact, the only chairs you should seek for your desk should be the ones with arms. The test should be those chairs you buy for the dining room and other such occasions.