A good chair for your computer is a great addition to whatever task you carry out with your computer. You have many options to choose from at different price levels and quality of build. IKEA, one of the most known names in furniture, offers a few good chairs in these regard.

The VOLMAR and Markus series of chairs from IKEA are notable names. However, they cost a fortune and are not great when it comes to sitting for long periods of time. While they are made of materials that last for long, this is the same reason why they are not very comfortable.

We endeavored to bring you the better options you can consider rather than the offers from IKEA. They are better in the sense that they cost less, look better and perform better than the options from IKEA too.

Furmax Gaming Chair

Best Computer Chairs like IKEA?

While it is a gaming chair primarily, it can be used for the office or relaxation. The good news is that it costs below $100 which is a great point to note. The chair features good back support and a great overall design.

The fact that you can flick the arms out of the way makes it quite handy when carrying out various functions. You can make various adjustments on the chair including its height, position of the arms and other aspects.

When using your computer or gaming console for long hours, you can be sure that you will enjoy a good time with the chair. The fact that it is mainly a gaming chair means that it has been built to withstand long usage hours without discomfort or breakage. You can rarely put IKEA chairs such as the VOLMAR to gaming and come out without a backache.

OFM Posture Series

Best Computer Chairs like IKEA?

If you would consider a chair without arms, then the OFM Posture Series would serve you just as well as the other options. It comes with a neat back and bottom combined with a great looking base that makes the whole design approach minimalistic in nature.

That doesn’t mean that you will have fewer features. In fact, in most of the chairs tested, this chair proves to have one of the highest number of adjustments any chair under $100 can have. Most adjustments are limited to the premium chairs but this one pulls a first of its kind.

Sitting for long hours without fatigue is also guaranteed when using this chair. The look of the base is also appealing since it has five feet each fitted with wheels for ease of movement when working on a large desk. While other chairs with similar features come in at hundreds of dollars, you can use this chair as an entry level option to meet your office needs with ease.

Offex HL-0001

Best Computer Chairs like IKEA?

This chair brings back the arms and throws in a breathable mesh back support while still costing less than $100. You are assured of long working or gaming hours without fatigue with its set of features. It looks great which is a good point if you are into first impressions.

Put it to the test and you will be happy with what you see and feel on the chair. The breathable mesh back support will ensure that you do whatever it is you do at your computer for long without breaking a sweat (literally).

The adjustment levels do not disappoint at all as you can get various positions with the height, back support level and the angle you need to recline backwards. Basically, to can adjust the chair to any position you need to be comfortable with.

Amazon Basics

Best Computer Chairs like IKEA?

We know that Amazon Basics products come with some great savings on the price side. The Amazon Basics office chair is no different. It is one of the simplest to use and yet it packs some cool features you will find in premium chairs.

It has the most corporate look of all these chairs with its leather and curved looks. Like the other chairs on this list, you still get a price point below $100. Even better is the fact that it comes with many adjustment positions for your back, height and even the pitch of the chair.

It is a great bargain especially when you want a chair that looks much like the office but does not cost as much as the premium ones cost. It may not last as long as the other options last, but you will have a great chair to carry it various tasks in the home or office.

Alera Chair

Best Computer Chairs like IKEA?

The Alera chair also comes as a great solution to those who wish to own a good ergonomic chair without going for an IKEA product. It goes for about $130 which is still within the affordable rate for most consumers. In terms of the features, it packs a good deal of the most useful features.

One can enjoy the lower back support, the breathable mesh back support, adjustment to various positions and a good look in general. For office or gaming, you are sure that this chair will hold its own for long periods of time while keeping the user comfortable.

The adjustments on the chair are easy to make which is a handy feature. You can thus easily attain the position you desire in a few moments.

Chair Considerations

Before you decide which IKEA alternative you will go with, keep in mind that there are a few things to take note of. With these considerations, you can be sure of making the right decision with these chairs. You don’t want to buy a chair very expensively when you have cheaper options with similar features.

The first consideration, of course, is the price. All the chairs here have prices in the neighborhood of $100. They, however, offer some great features you will often find reserved for the more expensive chairs. There are chairs with the same features costing about $1000 which is way out of reach of most consumers.

In this regard, we focused on the differences these chairs have with those made by IKEA. IKEA, just like Apple, makes premium chairs whose price is largely influenced by the brand. Rather than forking out $500 for a chair without arms and not very comfortable, take a fifth of that and have a chair with arms, various levels of adjustment and a great looking to boot.

This brings us to the second consideration which is the features you need the chair to have. Do not agree to compromise on the features even when you are limited in the amount of money you can spend on the chair.

The other consideration to have in mind when going for a quality chair is that of build quality. While you cannot expect too much from a chair priced at $100 or thereabouts, the quality in most chairs at this price is not too bad. Consider the materials the parts are made of and read about their durability. With a chair that has a swivel, you should be careful as to how strong the chair is in terms of the supported weight. The higher the weight supported the better the chair is in its build quality.