The new iPhone 7 is now out and after the iPhone 7 unveiling–it is now certain that the new iPhone 7 will not have a traditional audio port for headphones. The phone comes with an adapter, and lightning cable earbuds, and also the ability to buy new expensive wireless Airpod earbuds. This means you have a few options. Either you go with apple headphones, or your own headphones–Bluetooth or lightning.

I’ve seen some similar lists thrown around, but a lot of these lists just compile the compatible headphones–not the good ones. In this list of the best compatible headphones for the iPhone 7, we’ve found some of the BEST headphones for either category–so whether you want to be wireless, or have a wired connection for (negligible) better audio quality, you can find a pair here that will go great with your iPhone 7.

Best Bluetooth Headphones / Earbuds for iPhone 7

Coming soon: Apple Airpods $159

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

This new Airpods are coming soon announced now at the live Apple Event! You’ll be able to control siri, listen to music and more. They also have a mic, but we aren’t sure yet how you will control your device like audio since there isn’t much room for buttons.

Generic Bluetooth Phone Headset $19.99

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Starting off cheap we have this generic Bluetooth phone headset on Amazon. This gives you everything you need to take your audio with your on the go, and this was my first wireless headset that I got.

This pair of wireless earbuds was my preferred driver for walking the dog or taking out some cans on the go since they are pretty minimalistic and work well hanging out your neck when you aren’t wearing them. The buds clip in magnetically to stay out of the way.

It’s nice since you can have one earbud in and receive calls and control audio. The battery life also lasts quite a bit (usually around a week for me without needing to charge).

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless $49

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Now if you want something a little more stylish than a basic Bluetooth headset, but with the same light appearance that you can keep around your neck, you should check out the Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless. These headphones don’t have as bulky of neck ring, but they contain the same functionality as well as better audio quality (better bass).

Skullcandy Grind Wireless $89

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Sticking with the Skullcandy are these wireless on-ear headphones that look SUPER slick with a durable metal headband and a painted black skull. With these wireless headphones, you can also control your headphones with numerous buttons. They are powered by an excellent battery that gives you around 12 hours, and they come with a backup aux cable if you lose charge.

The best thing about these headphones are that they are lightweight, comfortable, they have an enormous Bluetooth range, good bass, and crispy audio for the price.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense $179

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Moving on up the ladder considerably, you have the Plantronics BackBeat Sense which is going to give you same features that work with your iPhone 7 but much better audio quality and perhaps better comfort.

This Plantronics BackBeat Sense model of headphone gives you memory phone cushions, splashproof coating, 18 hours of battery time, good sound isolation, as well as decent audio quality.  The only bad part about these cans is that the elasticized headband and the metallic sides can be squeaky if you’re moving or walking a lot due to how the passive noise isolation on your ears. This is a semi-common problem with headphones that are on-ear, but with these, it might be more pronounced.

It depends on how you want to use these headphones, whether stationary that won’t cause much interference or if you’re moving. However, some other competitors in this price range like the Beats Solo2 Wireless, have this problem as well (when I use to wear Beats Solo2 wired I would notice a lot of jostles, and I couldn’t wear them eating)  as their own set of problems (like being SUPER tight on the head–I can’t wear them for even a few hours with massive ear pain).

If you want a better experience, and you have some more dough laying around, I’d recommend moving on up the ladder to our next mention, the Bose SoundLink (and if you want the best active noise canceling there is, check out the Bose QuietComfort 35).

Bose SoundLink $279

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

If you don’t want active noise cancellation (whether you don’t have the money, or you find the technology painful like I do), you should check out the Bose SoundLink. The Bose SoundLink have all of the features you’d need to control your iPhone 7 but the best part about these headphones is how comfortable they are and how good the audio quality is.

Bose isn’t always known for super heavy bass like beats since they tend to specialize in acoustics–but compared to our previously mentioned headphones, you’ll notice a HUGE difference here without sacrificing any convenience. These headphones have high mids, and the lows are very solid regarding audio quality and reproduction.

Bose QuietComfort 35 $349

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Now if you do want active noise cancellation and impressive sound quality you probably have to buy the Bose QuietComfort 35. While some other competitors like Sennheiser might have better sound quality (for more money), you won’t find better noise cancellation for the price.

These are simply the best in the range, and the effect of the noise cancellation is almost magical. Once you enable it, all background sounds like air condition, plane noise, or even some voices fade to almost an inaudible level. Walking outside was a serene experience.

We wrote a full review on these headphones here, faults, pros, and all.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless  $399

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

If noise cancellation isn’t the most important feature for your wireless headphones for the iPhone 7, and you have some money to buy an excellent pair of headphones, you need to check out the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless.

The QuietComfort 35 features active noise cancellation, while these do not. However, the PXC 550 is a considerable step up in audio quality and build quality ( they look fancier and feel more premium). Pick the Sennheiser PXC 550 for your iPhone 7 if you want the best sounding and most premium feeling pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Best Lightning Cable Headphones / Earbuds for iPhone 7

Coming soon: Apple Lightning cable Buds

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Along with an audio adapter, the new iPhone 7 comes with new lightning cable enabled earbuds.

 Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones $19.99 (Use with lightning cable adapter)

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Now I’m not going to say in totality that your only option for headphones for the iPhone 7 are either Bluetooth or lightning cable headphones. You can use the lightning cable adapter with a normal pair of headphones–however, what happens when you lose the adapter or forget to bring it on vacation?

Having another adapter you need is both expensive and inconvenient and one major pain point with the iPhone 7. If you do want to take the route of the adapter and don’t have a pair of iPhone headphones laying around–or you, want something more comfortable/with better passive noise cancellation I’d recommend checking out these excellent yet affordable NRG Wood Headphones.

Philips Fidelio M2L/27  $199

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

My first recommendation for some compatible Lightning headphones would be the Philips Fidelio M2L. These headphones have an optimized lightning connector for all iOS devices. Coupled with the compatibility, is an actual good pair of headphones with a 40mm driver that delivers high-definition sound in a wide dynamic range as well as a bass reflex system that regulates air pressure within the cups to give a better sound seal.

These headphones have all of the compatible controls you’d need to control your iPhone 7, and they give great bass, highs, mids, and will perform EXCELLENTLY with hip-hop, EDM, and other similar genres. If you’re on a budget, but still want an excellent experience with on-ear, these are probably your best chance for wired headphones for your iPhone that won’t require an extra adapter.


JBL Reflect Aware $199.95

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

If you’re looking for something a little more sporty or minimalist, the JBL Reflect Aware are a new pair of earbuds that will work great with your iPhone  7. These earbuds feature adaptive noise and noise cancellation, sweat resistance, ergonomic ear tips, and great audio quality. Here’s a more detailed product page than the one on

Audeze SINE $499

Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

Now if you want something a bit fancier than our other options, you could check out the Audeze SINE on-ear headphones. These bad boys feature “world’s first on-ear planar magnetic” technology. What does that even mean?

Well, the product description claims that it gives these headphones better bass, better transients, and a little amount of audio distortion as well and good build quality.

From a convenience standpoint, these would work well with the iPhone 7 since they come with a Lightning cable and an aux cord, so you can switch it out depending on what you need them for. You can use these for your iPhone 7 AND other devices as well. I would recommend the PXC 550 over these since they are cheaper and sound just as good if not better, but if you want a cable on-ear phone compatible with the iPhone 7 without an adapter, as well as planar magnetic technology, these are your best bet.