World of Warcraft is an intense game that requires significant time as a commitment. You could be smacking a boss for a good hour before you can pull yourself out of your chair to use the bathroom (or have your mom bring you the toilet pan), and if you’re a hardcore Mythic tier raider you could find yourself in a serious pickle if you’re having to worry about back pain or neck pain just as much as your DPS, heals, or your ability to hold the boss’s aggro.

The only bad news is that there aren’t a ton of good chairs out there for WoW players. There are far more bad chairs than good, but the good news is that I’ve had extensive experience testing out chairs for gaming. So while you might just think that chairs like DXRacer are automatically the best chairs for WoW or gaming in general, you might find yourself surprised after reading this article.

The reason is that besides these core gaming chairs that have become popular, there are also ergonomic chairs out there that actually have more advanced technology to make long gaming sessions more comfortable.

Of course ergonomic chairs they are actually more expensive, and often outside the budget of most people, but things like adjustable seats (to fit the chair to your leg length), back tension knobs (to control how much force is supporting your back), synchro-tilt ability (the ability to lean back by exerting force), and height and arm adjustments are all naturally inserted into what is referred to as an “ergonomic chair” and unfortunately, you won’t find these features in DXRacer of Maxonomic chairs.

Sure you might not be able to lie down in your chair, but you’ve tested DXRacer chairs like I have, you’ll find that feature isn’t very useful or comfortable for actual gaming since the seat adjust accordingly making your knees rise up.

Sure DXRacer chairs are cool, and a $200 office chair from Staples can be “OK”, but if you’re like me you don’t just want an “OK” chair right? Else, why would you be here? You would already be home from staples or Office Depot sitting in a new chair.

Budget for WoW Chair:

#1 $

If you are under the $500 range, you can either get a DXRacer chair (check out this DXRacer guide I made) or something like the HON Endorse or HON Ignition. DXRacer chairs are great if you like the style, and they are decently comfortable for people who aren’t too picky about their chairs. The HON Ignition is a more “office styled” chair, but it has a good amount of adjustments for the $300-400 range.

#2 $$

If you have a bit more money, I would spring for the Ergohuman Chair (Ergohuman Chair Review) although this chair is $624, it comes with some great adjustments and it actually has an adjustable headrest. This chair is perfect for a wide number of users from short or tall, and it has good recline features for the price.

Moving on up, we have the Steelcase Think and Steelcase Leap. The Think is around $800, whereas the Leap is $942 on Amazon. Both chairs are quite good, but the Leap has a bit more advanced features like a tilt option that lets you retain the best ergonomic position since the seat moves forward when you lean back. No other chair on the market does this. And, it’s incredible.

#3 $$$

Lastly, if you want the most stylish and advanced chair for WoW, I’d recommend the Herman Miller Embody. This chair is plain sexy, and you can see the parts and construction on wide display. The back is modeled after the human spine itself, and if you want to brag about your chair in WoW, this is the chair to do so. Because remember, a lot of people have a lot of gold in WoW nowadays, but not a lot of people have a lot of money IRL while they play WoW….