RapidX is another gaming chair seller similar to DXRacer or other gaming racing chair brands, and I’ve been noticing them lately since they look cool and are more affordable than DXRacer chairs that I’ve reviewed and looked at.

The only thing is that while there are a lot of people talking about DXRacer, and it’s easy to see why people like them or hate them, it’s harder to see what value a new competitor like RapidX brings to the table.

In this detailed look at RapidX chairs, I’ll help you decide if they are worth purchasing or avoiding. What makes RapidX worth buying? What makes them bad–and I’ll decide if they are quality chairs.

RapidX Lineup

The RapidX chairs are broken down into two different categories– the Finish Line and the Ferrino Line. Both lines aren’t super distinguishable by their names, but most chair lines aren’t. In the DXRacer series, it’s not big, small, medium, but more like Tank, Racing, Sentinel, Boss–, etc. So what does RapidX mean by Finish and Ferrino?

What is the Difference between Finish Line and Ferrino Line?

The main differentiator for the Finish Line by RapidX is the checkered design of the chair whereas the back of the Ferrino chair has more of a lightly textured/sewn diamond stitching pattern.

The Finish line also has a wider flatter headboard and a slightly wider seat with bigger side wedges, whereas the Ferrino line has a skinny headboard and wider flare with smaller seat wedges. The Ferrino Line looks more like DXRacer chairs.  You can see both chair lines in this picture here:

The Ferrino Line looks more like DXRacer chairs.  You can see both chair lines in this picture here:

Are RapidX Good Gaming Chairs?

Are RapidX Good Chairs Compared to DXRacer?

Are RapidX Good Gaming Chairs?

DXRacer Sentinel Chair

Since the RapidX chair lineups are so similar to DXRacer, I thought I had to compare the two versions of the same style of chair to even talk about the RapidX chairs. I’ve used the DXRacer Sentinel version (DXRacer Sentinel review) chair, so I am well familiar with DXRacer.

RapidX vs. DXRacer?

The main difference between the RapidX chairs is that they start and end at $299, whereas the DXRacer chairs range from $289, $299, to $500. The RapidX chairs would compare to something like the DXRacer Racing series. Overall, though, I would have liked to see RapidX more around the $199 price point to see more of a difference in price. Why get the RapidX chairs when you can get a more well-known brand?

RapidX has comparable features, however. You can tilt the chair back to the same angle, and the armrests adjust in a similar fashion (side to side horizontally, up and down vertically, and a little bit front and back so you can move them closer to your desk more towards your wrist or closer to your elbow).

The chair designs are also very similar, and the overall construction of the chair seems almost identical. The RapidX chairs use some fake leather which means the chair feels and looks pretty slick. This also means that the chair (like DXRacer chairs) are not very breathable or suitable for hot environments since you will get some good back sweat going.

The top part of the headboard has two cutouts framed by plastic, and the side wings of the chair also pop out. The RapidX chair also comes with two pillow cushions for your back and neck. I’ve seen a few complaints that the RapidX cushions are too hard, and not squishy enough, but I experienced the same thing with my DXRacer pillows. I couldn’t use the back cushion since it felt like a brick for my lower pack, and the head cushion made me point my head downwards.

Reading others experiences on constructing the chair has given me the impression that the chair is hard to set up with one person. Some complain that putting the screws in can be difficult, but quite honestly, setting up DXRacer chairs can also be quite difficult too. With large heavy products, it’s not too uncommon for assembly to be difficult.

Is DXRacer Better than RapidX?

Are RapidX Good Gaming Chairs?

One advantage I think DXRacer has over RapidX chairs is that there are more chairs to choose from. With RapidX, they have two lines up, but both versions of the chair only are different by their color designs. Another advantage is that DXRacer has been around longer, which might make it a safer purchase. 

As I wrote about in my Best Gaming Chair 2017 guide, DXRacer has a HUGE lineup of chairs that can be very helpful but also very confusing. I don’t think the RapidX chairs are suitable for heavy or tall users whereas the DXRacer chairs like the Sentinel, Tank, or Boss series are.

However, the RapidX chairs aren’t that different from the DXRacer Formula or Racing series. They have similar ergonomics, weight limits, armrest functions, materials used, and design.

If you like the checkered design or stitched diamond design of the RapidX chairs and aren’t too heavy or tall (I’d say below 5’10” and 200 pounds) I’d go for a RapidX chair, but if not, I’d stick with DXRacer since there are more options for heavier and taller users.