Which is the better tablet to buy between the $50 Amazon Fire Tablet and the now $50 Nook Tablet in 2016?

Barnes and Noble just released information that their new 7″ tablet will be released on November 25, 2016. Pre-orders are now active.

As you might well know, Barnes and Noble has spent years going against Amazon, and vice versa–in the competitive e-book selling space. While Amazon has arguably grown to dominate the space with its Kindle device and Kindle book platform, Barnes and Noble still has a loyal user base with a wide e-reader/ebook collection of its own.

This time around, however, it’s not just about reading books on e-ink displays–it’s about tablets. Both of these devices, the Amazon Fire Tablet, and the Nook Tablet can consume most forms of media for only $50–whether that means games, movies, TV shows, watching movie streams, or just reading news articles. Both devices are the perfect stocking stuffers or first-time tablets for kids. 

So which is better, the Amazon Fire Tablet or the Nook Tablet?

Amazon Fire Tablet 7" Amazon Fire Tablet Vs New 7" Nook Tablet Nook Tablet 7" Amazon Fire Tablet Vs New 7" Nook Tablet
Display 7" IPS Display 1024 x 600 171 ppi 7" IPS Display 1024 x 600 171 ppi
Storage 8 GB 8 GB
Processor Quad-core 1.3 GHz TBA
Cameras Front: .3 MP Rear: 2 MP Front: 2 MP Rear: 5 MP
Battery Life 7 hours 7 hours
Weight 11.0 oz 8.80 oz
Price $50 $50
Buy Now Buy $50 Fire 7" Buy Nook Tablet

As you can see, these devices are remarkably similar, and even though the Amazon Fire 7” has been out for $50 for a while, the Nook Tablet’s specs aren’t really that much better. Both tablets will have the same screen resolution, the same battery life, and same screen size.

The only notable difference right now (besides the Nook’s lighter weight) without knowing the processing power of the Nook Tablet is that the Nook Tablet has a better rear camera. The nook also has Google Play store automatically, whereas the Amazon Tablet requires a few simple tricks to get Google Play store on it.

Amazon Fire Tablet Vs Nook Tablet – Winner?

At the end of the day in this Amazon Fire Tablet and Nook Tablet comparison, it looks like both devices are about equal in terms of functionality.

If you want a 7” tablet now, I would go ahead and get the Amazon Fire Tablet since you can get it quick with Prime. The Nook Tablet looks to be competitive with the Fire, and perhaps lighter–but it’s sad to see that they haven’t given it an improved screen resolution, battery life, or other more powerful upgrades which would make it a more attractive purchase.