Are you looking for cool pocket gadgets to buy? A cool gift? In this list, we’ve found some of the BEST gadgets you can carry in your pocket. A lot of these gadgets can be carried just in case you get bored shopping or if you just want a cool party trick.

These little gizmos and gadgets are also great for camping, surviving, or just keeping your sanity regardless of your location–because carrying around your computer and gadget, collection isn’t always possible.

Whether you just need a cool gift idea, or you want something nifty to buy, these ten essential pocket gadgets won’t disappoint.

#1 CX-10 Mini Quadcopter $15.99

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

A lot of people have drones, but not many people have drones in their pockets. The Cx-10 mini quadcopter is perfect for parties, hangouts, or chasing your cat. It has a 6-axis design with a flight time of 4-8 minutes and three adjustable speeds. It can even flip.

Check out our full review of this product here! I LOVED IT.

#2 LuminAID PackLite $19.99

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

You might have seen this one on shark tank–but if you love camping, you need one of these nifty lights. LuminAid is one of the most powerful lights you can g et for the size, and it’s able to provide 16 hours of light with 32+ hour emergency setting. It only weighs 2.9oz and is waterproof up to 1 meter.

#3 Anker PowerCore+ mini $12.99

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Whether you’re still playing PokeMon Go, or you are a frequent flier, or you just use your phone way too much–this portable charger is a great gadget to always have on hand. The charger can fit in your hand, and it has 3350mAh which can fully charge your smartphone.

#4 Grenade Survival Kit $16.95

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

This pocket gadget is a necessity if you think the zombie invasion is coming. It could also save your life if you’re in an airplane crash, or you get lost in the woods. It comes with everything you need to survive in the wilderness like fishing hooks, tinder, needle and thread, a knife, and more. The best part about this grenade survival kit is that it fits in your hand, pocket, or clipped onto your backpack or belt loop.

If you want to seal the deal even more, perhaps consider checking out this fire starter kit.

#5 Key for Lightning To Usb Cable $19.95

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Need to charge your phone but don’t have a lightning cable? This handle dandy little device is a life saver in those silly situations you’ve forgotten a charger. Pair this with the portable charger we mentioned earlier, and you can charge your phone regardless of your location.

#6 Key Knife $7.31

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Who knows when you might need a knife? Maybe you need a sharp object to open up something, or you’re out at the wrong hour. Whatever the case, this key knife has a lock back handle with a straight edge made out of stainless steel.

#7 SUPABOY Portable SNES Console $78

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Some think that the SNES had the best games. In a lot of ways, they wouldn’t be wrong since a lot of the games that console had still have yet to be beaten in the portable platform space. Mario? Earthbound? Metroid?!

That’s why you need a SupaBoy that uses all of your old cartridges. Don’t waste your money on a 3DS when you could be playing all of your favorite classics on the go.

#8 Portable Wifi Camera $27

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

One of the world’s smallest cameras, the PANNOVO Sport Mini Spy Camera is perfect for recording spy footage without anyone paying attention. Supports up to 32GB, charging and recording at the same time, loop recording, and Wifi support. Fits in your pocket!

#9 Device Finder – Tile $24.99

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Are you one of those people who is always losing their keys or wallet? Tile is a small thin cube-like gadget that attaches to your objects. When you need to find said object, simply launch the Tile app from your smartphone, and you can locate your items by the sound or last location. This is the perfect pocket gadget stocking stuffer.

#10 Pronto Controller $38

10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

The Pronto Controller makes your iPhone into a controller that works with any TV. When you go over to your friend’s house, you can control their TV with your phone. Or if you’re at home and can’t find the controller, or want to replace it with your iPhone, you now can.