A lot of people use Chrome extensions with their browser, but few people realize how many powerful tools can be integrated into your browser to transform your browsing experience completely. We’ve picked out some of the best and most useful chrome extensions around. These tools can either improve your security, drastically increase your productivity, make your experience browsing more fun, or just be plain useful.

Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

#1 TorGuard Proxy Extension

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

TorGuard is a VPN company (VPN stands for virtual private network), but they have a proxy extension which is great if you don’t want websites monitoring your information through your IP address. With your IP address, websites can see where you are in the real world and track your computer through things like cookies.

Every website can see your IP address, but if you use a proxy like the TorGuard Proxy extension, they can’t. This addon or VPN service is great for privacy nuts who want something simple to remain anonymous while browsing the internet.

Keep in mind that this is a paid extension through a subscription, but any good privacy addon that doesn’t track your information or use will be paid. We also have a 25% discount if you purchase the subscription with code “Best10VPN”. Here are some directions for the proxy guide, but if you want to take it a step further, consider using their full blown VPN application and service which we reviewed here.

#2 Grammarly Spellchecker

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

If you are a writer like me, or you’re a student, you probably need good grammar. I love writing, but I’ve always been a bit sloppy with the details. That’s why Grammarly is one of the best solutions online if you need to tidy up your grammar, improve your vocabulary, or just fix common spelling errors.

It works by reading and understanding your text and when it’s done, it highlights all of the problem areas giving you clear solutions that just requires a click. It’s quite affordable for how useful it is, and I can’t live without the plugin that enables Grammarly throughout most text editors on the web (even using WordPress, email, or on forum threads you can use it).  Get Grammarly here.

#3 uBlock Origin

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

If you want to block ads, uBlock Origin is the lightest and most efficient adblocker with an excellent amount of customization that lets you pick and choose which content you want to block and which filters you want to utilize to do so.  If you’re using Adblock, I’d recommend switching over to uBlock Origin since its uses less system resources to get the same effect.

#4 Toby

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

Toby is an interesting plugin that lets you manage tabs differently. Basically, the extension opens up a tab that lets you save other tabs in an organized interface. This extension is good to manage your tabs if you have a lot open, but it’s also useful to use as a sort of bookmarking tool to save tabs you might want to reopen a day or a few hours later.

#5 Privacy Payment

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

One of my favorite extensions and services ever, Privacy Payment lets you generate debit cards associated with your bank account so you can make payments to sketchy sites or sites where you don’t want them holding onto your card. Or if you’re like me, half of the time you will just use it since you’re too lazy to get  your debit card out of your wallet.

These cards act as virtual cards that can be terminated so you don’t get charged monthly through subscription services you’ve forgotten about. This system works brilliantly, is easy to use, and works with almost every form of payment online. It’s like magic!

#6 Colorpicker Eyedropper

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

If you work with code, blogs, or any other type of web development or work with colors, this extension can be super handy. It’s a small tool, but a useful one. Basically, all you do is click on the extension and navigate to which color you want the hex code from. Then it gives it to you to copy and paste, then you just close the box and you’re good to go! Perfect for matching colors.

#7 Chromecast Extension – Google Cast 

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

The Google Cast extension is great to use if you have a chromecast device. With this extension, you can cast your browser tabs onto your TV to watch Netflix, stream YouTube, or any other type of content you want! It’s pretty much mandatory for chrome cast users, and for those who don’t have a chrome cast, I think with this extension you start to recognize the possibilities.

#8 LastPass Password Manager

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

LastPass is only one of many password managers, and a lot of them have similar functions. However, my favorite password manager is LastPass since it has the most features and works very well cross platform. They also have great customer support, and using LastPass has changed my life in a lot of ways. Now I don’t use the same password everywhere and I’m not getting frustrated forgetting my passwords all the time!

#9 Hover Zoom+

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

This extension is great if you love to browse Reddit or you’re looking at images online a lot. The extension gives you a preview of the image just by hovering over it, so you don’t have to waste time opening up a new tab or navigating back and forth just to get a glimpse of an image.

#10 Momentum

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

If you want to give your browser a bit more style, consider using Momentum. It gives you an inspirational quote every time you open up your browser and greets you with the date, time, and any to-do items you need to get done for the day. Not really necessary, but a nice simple extension to give your browser’s starting experience a bit more pizazz.


Did we miss any cool and useful plugins this year in this most useful chrome extensions roundup post? Let us know in the comments below what your most useful plugin is!