I’ve been following Autonomous ever since I found their fantastic stand-up desk product on Producthunt.com. Their standup desk sells for only $249, and it has all of the features and quality of a desk worth easily $1000 from other retailers.

Will the  λ Chair be the Best New Office Chair?

Autonomous’s Smart Desk

Even desks from Ikea (the company that you GO TO for cheap products) retails their comparable standing desk for $529, and it doesn’t even have all of the features that Autonomous’s smart desk does like customizable heights and a memory function. The bottom line is that Autonomous smart desk is smart, and it’s also amazingly cheap.  

The company claims that they can have such low prices since they don’t use sourcing agents to mark up the price or go through wholesale and thus retail. Instead, they make the product for what it costs, and then they ship it to you as seen in their chart below. 

Will the  λ Chair be the Best New Office Chair?

It’s a remarkably transparent company move which feels VERY pro-consumer. It’s a win-win since Autonomous can enter crowded office furniture spaces and we get good products for a low price. I know I’m not alone concerning the state of high-end ergonomic equipment. Sure high-end ergonomic chairs can make an impact in our daily lives by reducing repetitive stress or back pain, but at what cost?

As you can see in this article here, you either pay $50 for an Amazon task chair with no features at all, or $919 for a good chair with the features that you need.

Will the λ Chair change the game by offering competitive ergonomic features and comfortability at a low price?

Autonomous is putting their new chair λ on Kickstarter with the same sort of strategy as their smart desk, and if it’s ANYTHING like their Smart Desk–it’s going to be a hit, giving you a quality product at a significantly lower price. I’ve been using the Smart Desk for awhile now, and it works flawlessly, 

Name aside, ( λ represents the Lamba symbol and from what I can understand it’s a branding play at making a chair that furthers the evolution of chairs) the chair has some VERY notable features. I have reviewed and used some of the most reputable office chairs around including chairs that retail for upwards of $1000 like the Steelcase Gesture, Leap, and Herman Miller Aeron.

The λ Chair only costs $300 at the final retail price. Not only that, but the λ chair has, even more, features than you’d get in a basic ergonomic model including a headrest and adjustable back support. These add-ons can raise a standard ergonomic chairs price upward to $1300-1500! So that means the λ Chair is somewhere around $1000-1200 cheaper.

Will the  λ Chair be the Best New Office Chair?

The λ chair also includes essential features like mesh fabric to keep you cool, height adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar support, a headrest, a locking mechanism, and adjustable seat depth.

Besides the feature set which is robust, the chair also looks very trendy and modern with bright color schemes and contrasting grey and white parts that make the engineering of the chair seem very official.

Right now the  λ Chair is still running on Kickstarter and it’s doing very well with the first few categories already fulfilled where backers get a discount on the chair shipping out in November.

When the chair ships to me, I’ll be sure to give it a full unbiased review here to see if it can compete with something like the $919 Steelcase Leap which is my go-to office chair of choice.