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HostGator Cloud Review

HostGator is yet another shared hosting provider that offers a decent selection of features, pricing, and uptimes. However, today we aren’t here to discuss HostGator’s shared hosting platform–mainly since other providers like A2Hosting and Bluehost hosting do it better.

Merax Racing Style Chair Review

Features such as a headrest, footrests that are adjustable and even lumbar support have for a while been reserved for expensive chairs. With time, the features have trickled to the middle and even the lower tiers. With the Merax racing style chair, some of the main features have been brought into it with excellent results. We put the chair to the test.

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Review

When you go into the market for a good chair that does not cost you a fortune, you have many options to pick from. And the definition of a fortune is different to different people. Some chairs like the E-Blue cobra gaming chair straddle the lower segment of the price spectrum no matter what your definition of a fortune is. But, does it meet the needs of the user? We set out to review it.

Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Chair Review

With the Argomax chair, a lot of great features initially kept for the expensive chairs such as good quality materials and a high level of comfort are available. With a price lower than $300, it is a good buy that is hard to ignore if you intend to get a chair on the cheap.

Kinsai Gaming Chair Review

Kinsai has a family of chairs that have won over hundreds of thousands of customers in various categories. The focus of the company has been to provide the best chairs at the lowest price. While there are chairs cheaper than the ones by Kinsai,their price and quality are a big mismatch.

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